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Roku IPO impresses with 67% gain on first day



Roku, the company that makes set top boxes and software that allow you to stream content onto your TV, finished it’s first day as a listed company up 67.86%.

In a move that was reminiscent of the glory days of the tech bubble, traders snapped up the limited supply of shares and bid, bid, bid. With an IPO price of $14 per share, Roku opened at $15.78 and was bought up all the way up to the close, finishing the day at $23.50. Demand was close to insatiable, at least in today’s relatively stable markets.

A congratulations is in order for anyone who got in early today. With rumours of Lyft’s IPO around the corner, lets hope this is the start of some solid IPO action.

Roku was bid all the way into the close.

Roku was bid all the way into the close.

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