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Apple going pear shaped and flirts with correction, tech in the spotlight



Shares in Apple were down 1.05% yesterday, closing in on correction territory after news about weaker iPhone 8 sales and possible iPhone X delays.

Lots of eyes will be on tech today, with both Netflix and Facebook also down over 4% yesterday. This volatility is great for the day traders looking for what’s moving, however investors tend to get a little angsty when they see this kind of volatility.

In further Apple news:

  • Apple will replace Bing as the default search engine for Siri searches in iOS and Spotlight on the Mac.
  • In an interview, Apple told TechCrunch the switch happened for “a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari.”
  • Google is estimated to pay pay Apple $3B this year to remain the default search engine in Apple products, says a Berstein analyst.
  • New desktop operating system, macOG High Sierra is being released.
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