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Testing people’s patience to the limit. Britain resembles the US under Obama



From outside Britain now resembles a nation where a liberal government – in case you are unaware of it, the current Tory government is extremely left-wing liberal – is testing its people’s patience to the limit. Just like it was under the Obama Administration that had entered the Twilight Zone of liberalism in its final year by ordering state schools that received federal grants to allow men to enter women’s bathrooms whenever they felt close to their feminine side. That was testing people’s patience to the limit in a big way and probably by itself guaranteed Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election last year.

Anyway, people who observe Britain from outside tell me that they are shocked by the blatant way Theresa May’s government is very openly undermining the results of last year’s Referendum that voted in favour of country leaving the EU. On the face of it, May and her ministers are claiming that they are determined to leave the EU, according to the wishes of the majority, but in reality things come across quite the opposite to what they say, if you are an objective observer of Britain from the outside.

Everything the British government does points in the direction of going back on its promise to honour Brexit, as the British people nicknamed their vote in favour of leaving the EU. From having no proper plan to implement Brexit to the cabinet consisting overwhelmingly of ministers who are dedicated Remainers, i.e. opposed to Brexit, and who use every opportunity to discredit it. It is bizarre that after the Referendum, a democratic exercise of people’s power that has supremacy over all other institutions of power in the land, the government is moving in the opposite direction to the decision taken by the voters, testing the nation’s patience in a very open and arrogant way.

But there is more to this, much more. Very soon after Mrs May had been appointed as prime minister, without even standing for an internal party vote that resembled a palace coup, she gave the go-ahead to an Obama-like policy of introducing sex education for children as young as four in Britain. That sort of liberal militancy was way over the top. That was taking obscenity and corrupting the very young to a whole new different level. That, ladies and gentlemen, was testing the nation’s patience to an extreme and playing with fire, quite frankly. How the governments did not fall after that is still a mystery.

The grotesque sexualisation of minors went in parallel with the appalling political correctness generally, when the police and the judicial system were hounding people who were expressing concerns about the Islamisation of Britain that was going on with encouragement from the authorities on all levels. Three terrorist attacks by Islamic terrorists – one outside the Houses of Parliament, one in Manchester and one on London Bridge and the area nearby –  were handled by the police and the authorities generally in a way that was intended to reassure the Muslim community that no Islamophobia would be tolerated, while the concerns of families of victims and the general public were ignored. That was national patience tested not once or twice but three times in a row.

The general election in June 2017, announced by May in the mistaken belief that she was loved by her people, delivered a clear signal to the government – you are moving in the wrong direction; stop your politically correct stunts and gimmicks and get down to the business of implementing Brexit.

The Tory party lost its working majority in parliament in the lection and was forced to get into a coalition with the unionists from Northern Ireland. And that was in a contest with the opposition Labour party that resembled the Cuban communists and should have been wiped out at the polls.

Yet, no lessons were learned from that fiasco as well and soon after the election came another test of the nation’s patience when the Education Secretary Justin Greening, a woman of suspect political credentials, announced a new government policy on gender identity that offered people to switch their genders if they felt like it in their documents. That was a repeat of Obama’s moment of gender fluid bathrooms. The patience of the nation as a result reached snapping point. Difficult to imagine what else May can come up with to make things worse.

But the most worrying sign of all is that the Tory government in Britain is in effect baiting its own people, as if pushing for a confrontation that it is willing and ready to take on and deal with ruthlessly. Especially as along with other nations of the EU the governments has beefed up its riot police forces.

A Donal Trump political figure is urgently needed in Britain. That is how things look from outside Britain.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    August 6, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Gender fluidity seems to be the hallmark of Western decadence.

    Moreover, the masculinity deficit so characteristic of post-modern Western societies, is exactly what the Islamist/African immigrant (invader) is there to fill.

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