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Sarah Palin Sues New York Times for Defamation



Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has filed a lawsuit against The New York Times claiming that the newspaper defamed her in an editorial it published after the June 14 shooting of Representative Steve Scalise. The editorial suggested a link between the January 2011 shooting in Tucson of Representative Gabby Giffords and a Palin campaign ad.

The Palin ad in question called attention to Democratic lawmakers and used imagery of gun-sight crosshairs to encourage voters to take aim at those legislators. At the time, there was some suggestion that the shooter, Jared Loughner, was inspired by the ad to attempt to kill Giffords. This connection was later disproved, but the Times editorial revived it.

Palin’s attorneys allege that the Times editorial intentionally and willfully drew a connection between Palin’s ad and the Giffords shooting to make an erroneous point about the Scalise shooting. As result, the editorial damaged the reputation of Palin.

“The Times used its false assertion about Mrs. Palin as an artifice to exploit the [Scalise] shooting,” Palin’s attorneys stated in the suit.

“The Times published and promoted its Editorial Board’s column despite knowing … the false assertion that Mrs. Palin incited [Tucson shooter Jared] Loughner to murder six people,” the suit added. “In doing so, the Times violated the law and its own policies.”

Soon after the publication of the editorial, the Times issued a correction and an apology.

Two of Plain’s attorneys were involved in a successful defamation suit that the former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan brought against Gawker. That suit resulted in a $115-million judgment that was eventually reduced to $31 million.

Palin is also seeking monetary damages in an amount that would be determined by a jury.

The New York Times said that it will stand up to the claim.

“We have not reviewed the claim yet but will defend against any claim vigorously,” New York Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha said in a statement to Fox News.

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